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What good is a cutting-edge site if no one can see it? BCG offers comprehensive, affordable web hosting for all sizes of websites, starting at $49/month. Our servers are blazing fast and ultra-reliable, boasting a near 100% guaranteed uptime.

Let BCG develop the hosting plan for your website. Hosting with us gives you access to our maintenance program, as well as a host of marketing benefits and opportunities, including access to our Baja Web Network.

Maintaining your website regularly is as essential as developing it in
the first place. Fresh content keeps the web experience fresh and exciting for your clients. Our team of webmasters in our sister Company Baja Life Online provide the ideal choice for maintaining your site - as a rule we're constantly updating sites within our own web network. Our attention to detail and our response time can't be beat. BLO is your complete solution for professional hosting and maintainence of your site - whether we create it or you bring it to us ready made for hosting.

The following Website Design & Maintenance Program has been designed to better serve you by expediting site revisions and streamlining our billing process.

Website Maintenance:
Site Maintenance is defined as any changes you wish to make to an
existing, active web page that is hosted on our server. This includes any changes to existing text or graphics on your site. Any and all source materials required for revision purposes must be supplied prior to starting any work. This includes text files, photos or logos to be scanned, graphic files, etc. Work shall not begin until all materials have been received in our office.

Fax Hardcopy with Revisions Clearly Marked to (949) 376-7575:
In order to proceed with any changes to your site, we require the
following: a faxed copy of each page to be modified with marked-up edits and the URL of each page clearly legible so we can determine the exact page quickly. For example, the URL "" would need to be clearly indicated on each faxed page. Normally, each printed web page has the URL printed at the top. This fax hardcopy is required to eliminate confusion over the location of the pages requiring revisions. Without it, delays to your revisions and added charges to your bill may occur.

The charges for Website maintenance will be billed at $60.00/hr for HTML and $100/hr for Flash. For all revisions, a minimum flat fee of $60.00 or $100.00 (depending on programming format) for one-hour will be billed. Upon receiving your request for changes, if we determine the scope of work will require more than the minimum one hour, we will notify you via email as to the estimated amount of hours your job will take and the estimated date of completion. We will not begin any work until we receive your approval based on this estimate (±10%). If you would like to bypass this step in the process, please indicate to us on your request for changes that you authorize Baja Life Online to make all requested changes regardless of time required.

Examples of one hour's HTML site maintenance are as follows:

  • scanning and posting up to 6 photographs onto one web page

  • revising and posting textinformation on current/upcoming events

  • changing the email contact on your site

  • designing a new set of buttons for your site (implementing these
    buttons across entire site: add one to two hours)

NOTE: As a professional courtesy, we ask that you understand NO work shall be performed on past due accounts. All past due invoices must be paid prior to beginning any new work.